About the book

Soulstice is an examination of the spiritual life. It offers guidance in dealing with four aspects of life to enrich one’s spiritual journey: The Journey of Exploration, the Heroic Journey, Pilgrimage and the Journey Home.

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Soulstice is a beginning point for people who want to start from their own experience – their own “making sense” of life. For some – especially for those who have not experienced faith and belief before or have discarded it because of disillusionment with the church –  faith is an impenetrable forest.

This book accompanies readers through the paths already known to them, and together we discover that the impenetrable forest has been part of our life all along.

Secondly, it is a guide for living fully and well as we take particular journeys down particular paths. What can we learn from the journeys of others? The book connects with spiritual journeys from around the globe –  some famous and some not, some ancient and some contemporary. There are aids to reflection, access to the poetry of fellow-travellers, and truckloads of affirmation for the life well lived.

Thirdly, each journey provides insights for those who would be helpers for others along the way.  How do we encourage hopefulness? How do we support courage and harness the will with wisdom? How might the pilgrim learn and absorb the lessons of those who have gone before, and what provides us with hearth and table as we identify “home” and wholeness?