I hope you enjoy the resources and the conversation available here. The book is only the beginning! It was born out of conversation and reflection on how we describe and explore the spiritual life with as little baggage as possible. There is a lot to talk about! At the heart of Soulstice is an affirmation of everyone's experience of life - life at its most raw, and life pondered from a distance. Please add your own comments about human spirituality in ways that, hopefully, remove barriers and enhance listening to each other. There are joys and challenges in each of the four journeys : exploration, the heroic journey, pilgrimage and the journey home. Everyone is engaged in at least one of those journeys. It is my hope that, in exercising the gifts of imagination and reflection, we can gain insight into the particular journey that engages us right now, and navigate our ways with safety and wisdom. In saying all that, this is no ephemeral wondering. It is intended to be gutsy and real - just like real everyday life. Welcome to the conversation. You will also find some of my other writing on this site. I hope you find it a spark for your own imagination's flight into new understanding.

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