Drought breaker

Drought breaker

There is a whisper about.
Subversive, unfastened.

In the darkening, long shadows blur.
The magpie spreads her dusty wings
and chortling softy,
abandons her summer sentry post
to wait.

Soft leaves turned brown before their time,
Crinkled now and drooping sad,
Sense the change and flutter faintly,
Heads turned gasping t’ward a murmur
of hope.

The world’s gone quiet.
Muted, mysterious, grey to black.
The wrens twitter their families home.
They fluff and settle, burst expectant,
then still.

The earth turns her face to the broody sky.
A drop or two, then gentle release.
The soft cloudy veil unfolds
for the consummating kiss.

Sweet rain.

© Sharonne Price

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